Have a nice stay on Bornholm. Bofa takes care of your waste.

Waste in the summercottage

Welcome on Bornholm.

In order to secure the environment, Bofa has made this information that in brief tells you how to handle your garbage most effectively as a user of a summer cottage.

At the cottage a waste bag for the household refuse is placed in a rag. The refuse is what remains when all glass, paper and dangerous waste have been sorted out.
Household refuse includes: Food scraps, milk cartons, tins, plastic and dirty packaging materials.
From Easter till the week after the autumn holidays the waste bag is collected every week. Please do not fill the bag above the printed line. A full bag should not weigh more than 20 kg. Please wrap up sharp objects in some other waste and do not put glass, paper, cardboard or dangerous waste in the bag.

Paper and glass can be disposed at the recycling containers. You find the location of these recycling containers by clicking the box above. The containers are open 24 hours a day.
Paper includes newspapers, leaflets, magazines, wrapping paper and other clean paper.
Glass includes wine-, spirits- and jouce bottles, preserving- and jam jars.

Next to the recycling containers there is a container, which can be used to ordinary waste, if there’s no more room in the waste bag.
Dangerous waste, i.e. sprays and medecine, can be handed over at the recycling centres. You find the location of the recycling centres by clicking the box above. Dangerous waste should be carefully wrapped in its original packaging if possible.

Place dead batteries in a plasticbag and place this on the wastebag.

Have a nice stay on Bornholm.