This project is related to waste prevention and reuse aspects of circular economy through partnerships with civil society organizations.

The overall aim is to increase resource efficiency especially among municipalities, regions and other public authorities through different circular economy experimentation activities.

On Bornholm, we partner with local civil society organizations in order to ensure that items otherwise deposited as waste are reused instead through community initiatives like flea markets, as well as marketed via online sales channels.



This project involves improvements to waste management through co-creation with citizens.

The overall aim is to implement solutions to decrease pollution discharges from the waste management sector and at the same time ensure the effective recycling of municipal waste resources.

The project involves international partners from Poland and Lithuania. On Bornholm, we implement Living Labs centered on shared waste collection points using design thinking to ensure that solutions are environmentally friendly and socially acceptable.


This municipality-driven project covering Greater Copenhagen deals with improvements within waste management though collaborative approaches, involving businesses and including e.g. app developers for developing new tools.

On Bornholm and in collaboration with other branches of the municipality, we explore circular building solutions, i.e. selective demolition of buildings and business modeling for sales of reused building materials. Additionally, we develop contractual tools to assist companies in improved waste sorting, and tools for improved public authority oversight of waste management in companies. 

Category Projects


This construction project translates in English to the “Wastery” which is the name provided to our future Experience Center for Circular Economy. 

For many years, BOFA has received children, young people, parents and grandparents at the existing visitor’s center, a retrofitted water tower.

However, as the circular economy occupies a larger and larger part of the waste and climate agenda, BOFA wants to develop its teaching in a more innovative and circular direction.

The Wastery is envisioned as a practical and innovative Experience Center that incorporates circular building principles at the core of its design.

Bæredygtig Bundlinje Bornholm

This project translates to “Sustainable Bottom Line Bornholm”, which provides support to 30-40 SMV’s on business model development for improving energy and resource efficiency, competiveness and their bottom line.

We carry out and host workshops and assist companies with our knowledge and expertise on waste and resource management.

Greater Bio

This project relates to sustainable bioeconomy development. On Bornholm, the emphasis is on organic waste from households (food waste and other biodegradables) as well as from the hospitality sector.

We seek to explore the potential for practical solutions for such waste in small businesses, and on the larger scale, we seek to understand what a sustainable solution is for managing organic waste from households at a system-wide level.

Public Sector Waste Management

The public sector, i.e. the municipality itself, is one of the major waste generators on Bornholm, in which there lies a potential for showing the way with respect to proper source segregation and handling, procuring collection services properly, etc. In the project, we map out waste streams and identify possible solutions for improved waste management in the different municipal units.

Community Projects

Occasionally, we receive expressions of interest from communities of people who are interested in championing waste sorting practices, with a view to achieving higher recycling rates on the island. We gladly receive these expressions of interest and partner with the local communities with our personnel and technical resources, learning about what motivates citizens, how we can meet their needs, and how we can leverage these champions.